Nathan was Born on the Fourth of July, and Independence is his middle name. He has been writing his own brand of music for most of his life.

With two hits on the National Top 40 Charts (1998 ‘Shadow Jumpin’ and 2000 ‘Charade’) and Five CD’s now under his belt, he has become familiar with success.

Nathan frequently retreats to one of his two touring oasis’, Ohio or Florida, to sit on the riverbanks, write, and reflect. Through his powerful vocals and strong, insightful songwriting, the guitar and piano become his brush and pallet. He continues to create beautiful, melodic ballads and extremely powerful, upbeat Roots Rock/Rythm and Blues/Pop Funk. Quite frankly, it needs a label of it’s own.

Currently, Nathan has been busy as Mayor, successful business owner, proud husband, and father of two beautiful girls. Check out Nathan’s labor of love Rainbow River Kayak & Canoe. Stop by and say hi!