On it’s electronic release date, Someday Isle charted at 22 on iTunes! Thanks to all those who made it a reality and have downloaded my latest project! My site was hacked last fall and I lost a lot of posts and gig history, but it’s back up and running smoothly.  Please FB or email from this site if you have any trouble cruising through the site.  Again, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who is listening to the tunes!

Nate’s long awaited project, Someday Isle, is now available as a Pre-Release on iTunes! For the next few weeks, you can download the entire album for $7.99! All pre-sale downloads are added into the total as of the release date, September 22nd. Download it now, save a few bucks, and be part of helping Nate make the iTunes Chart!

Announcement! The release of Someday Isle is official. I’m looking forward to sharing the music with everyone in Cincinnati 7/7 at Stanley’s Pub, Chillicothe 7/8 at the Majestic Theater and Maysville, KY 7/15 at the Downtown Pickers and Grinners Fest!