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Reminisce the Future, Friends!  

Life sure gets crazy sometimes, for all of us. I wrote Reminisce the Future about how to turn what's already happened to you, good or bad, into something you might even look forward to. It's also about enjoying 'memories' or visions of what you hope will be in your future. That gives me the strength to strive for ever better days and dreams fulfilled. I sure hope it does for you also. Click and crank on all platforms. Rock on!

"Reminisce the future, look forward to the past. Picture what you will be, cause it flies by fast."

~ Nate


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Latest News

The Nathan Whitt Band is now in the pre-production stage of making a new album. Super excited to be teaming back up with original producer Joe Viers of Sonic Lounge. Check back for more updates on this project. 

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Nathan Whitt Band Live @ Stanley's Pub (Cincy)